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What should I draw?
Art Trade is just available!
Please, read on the left side of information.
I would like to start Art Trade.
Maybe, I can make enough time to accomplish it.

The details is I draw your character and you draw my character.
It's something like that.

I could draw some anime character.
But if you want to participate in it, your original one is better I think.
Without Lumi -Ninja Edition- and one picture, I finish submitting my picture which I stocked.
I recently drew Lumi -Ninja Edition-, and my one left stock will be submitted on October, Because it is Halloween's one.

Next, I want to show an Improvement MEME.
Still I'm looking for my drawing styles. I prefer colorful and efficient one.
But it is difficult to find.

This year's objective is to find my drawing styles. I think.
I want to do an Art-trade, take a request or commission!
Near the future, I will make these detailed page.
When I submit my deviation to groups, I usually forget the restriction which groups made.
Therefore, I should make the listing what they order.
Yep, I want to say thanks for people who added my deviants for the fav.
But, when I visited there page, I only copied and pasted "Thanks for the fav!"

copy and paste
copy and paste
copy and paste
copy and paste
copy and paste
copy and paste
copy and paste
copy and paste
copy and paste

It's not good way I think...

(This is just my etiquette.)
(I don't think other people should do another polite way.)

However, when I watched other's comment.
I found a good idea!

Yeah! I can give the mini picture for them!
I'll do this!
Some of groups have a limit to submit deviations.
These take average of one week to continue submitting a deviation.

So maybe, It's better for me to continue submitting my deviation at most one per week.
mmm... Should I have to get premium?
I saw many people got rid off the ads.
I changed my avatar.
I think the old one might be scary for someone.
Well, this is my first day of DA.